Advisor Magazine: A Conversation With Michael Freedman

By Carolyn S. Ellis

We talked with Michael Freedman, president of GWG, about how advisors and their clients can access this source of much-needed retirement funds.

LH&A: You’re in the business of helping seniors derive funds for retirement through the secondary life insurance market. Tell us about this opportunity.

MF: GWG Life is in the business of life settlements, which are the sale of a life insurance policy by a senior policyholder who no longer wants, needs, or can afford the policy. (We’re a subsidiary of GWG Holdings, a specialty finance company.)

As an alternative to lapsing or surrendering the policy he or she sells the policy for a market value which is on average 4-10 times more than cash surrender value. GWG is a buyer of policies licensed throughout the U.S. by state insurance departments. We’ve been in business for ten years, and we’re one of the most active buyers in the market.

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